Monday, August 29, 2011

22 Agosto

HEY!!! how is everything going? well first before i forget. i have been taking some money out of my account. i know that your watching but i dont know how much there is or how much i have taken out. i find it somewhat hard to live on the money that they give us at times. i dont by much food on mondays but i do buy some snacking food during the week. there are these little stores everywhere!! they are a part of peoples houses and i buy cookies and a soda every so often. the reason why i took out money was because i have to pay for bike repairments and light bill. also tell janae i got her letter and i loved it!!! i also got jordans dear elder. i think it takes around a month for me to get the dearelders.

well your questions. . . elder carrillo is really awesome!! he doesnt really speak english but he is trying. he can say some stuff but he cant put a sentence together on his on. he is from guanajuato. he will finish is mission in december. he was inactive for most of his life. the last 6 months he was reativated and is now on his mission.
my spanish is coming along, not as fast as i wish it to but elder carrillo is helping me a lot!!! during lessons i can talk with no problem because i have more confidence in myself but just with talking to people i dont have as much confidence and it isnt as great.

i email in any place that has internet, like right now i am in a papeleria.
we are teaching some investigators right now but we just started teaching them. like i said the elder before me left this area DEAD!!! we could definitely find more of these chosen people that the president is talking about. they are just so hard to find. we had a conference with the president again and this time i learned so so much and my companion volunteered to teach a lesson in front of everyone. that was a little nerve racking but it went well!!!

hardest thing about the mission. . . . is the language and . . . doing my best. i always feel like i can do more and more and better. at times i feel like i am not doing a good enough job. i KNOW that the Lord is preparing people but i am just having a hard time finding this people. i know that there are families that are being prepared and are searching the truth with out knowing it but i just dont know where they are. thats what is a little hard in this area.

the best thing is just the mission itself. i have learned so many things. there is nothing better than serving the Lord and teaching other people the outstanding blessings that come from the gospel.

I havent really had the chance to talk with the president but i think he knows because i wrote it in a letter and he asked me how my feet were and i said PERFECT!!!

Oh i also, tell janae that i have had menudo and it is not that bad. it is a soup with cow stomach. its not that bad. . .but its not the greatest either. the shrimp and fish that one time was terrible. shrimp is nasty!!!

but everything else is going great here. i think i will be sending something next week. i have to write to so many people that it is ridiculous. i LOVE getting letters but i am so busy and tired that it is hard to write back. oh the package. i would love to have the general conference ensign because i didnt get one. CANDY like reeses and m$ms and other candy. i can never have enough candy. thank you so so much. i need to go
i miss you all and i love you guys so so much
Elder Barnes

August 15th

La Familia,
While being here on a mission i have learned so so so many things but the most important thing is to read and pray EVERYDAY!!!! thank you for teaching me this while in my youth!!!!!!!!

Well everything is going great here in Delicias, México. somtimes coming into a new area is very hard. the elder that was before me just went home and he didnt really work hard his last few weeks here. he was a little FRITO (fried). so when the new missionary comes in the new area he gets the fruits of his works. but everything is going great!!!! Elder Carrillo and i are working very hard trying to find people. we taught a lot of new people this week and having more new investigators. so things are progressing. we have this young investigator that she really cool. she is really understanding our message and why it is important for her. its funny how the Lord sends out 19 year old young men to preach the gospel. i think it is so cool and such a great blessing to be serving and to have the gospel in my life. i have noticed that some people dont know why we are here. its such a blessing to know what is our purpose in the world. i know why we here and what we need to do. that is why the Lord sends such young men to go and teach people that are older than they because we know how the gospel can bless their life.

but yes everything is going GREAT here. oh tell jeff HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! sorry i didnt write to you? i know that i need to work on that. trust me i will send some soon.
well i really need to go. i miss you all and love you tons!!!! how is jordan by the way. what is he doing?
love ya tons
Elder Barnes

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th, 2011

La Familia!
first off, WOW Brianne Stokes is going on a mission! that is so crazy, but so AWESOME!!!!

well i am doing fantastic!!! everything is going great here. well i am so so sorry that my email last week was so so short. well i really dont like transfers that much now. yes i am back in Delicias but a different ward. i was in Barrio Juarez but now i am in Barrio panamericano. my area is big and yes we have bikes. my companion now is Elder Carrillo. he is a big guy but very funny. he has a lot of animo when he talks with people. he is a great guy. he is also helping me with my spanish because it isnt the greatest. well my feet are doing great. they have healed and i did take a picture. its got a lot of pics and i have a ton of other SD cards. so i will try to send it home soon.
oh by the way, i forgot to get a letter for jeff sent this week, so i will try to send next week. i feel so so so bad about how terrible i have been with writing letters. i have been so so busy. i dont see how derek was so good at that. it is something really hard to do!!!! so congrats to him!!!!

oh in my next package (when you send one) could you send the conference ensign and maybe some more sunscreen? and more candy of course

well being back in Delicias has been great so far. my area needs a lot of work, but our church is being remodeled so we are in the same building as my last area. our sacrament service is at 8 in the morning, so this will be harder to get investigators in church. but the two wards overlap and i got to see my old barrio. it was GREAT. i saw some of my old investigators and members. its was great because when i left, that week i was going to have 3 people baptized but i was transfered. well Fabiola was one of them and she is married to an inactive member and she was baptized and now they are REALLY strong in the church. she has a really strong testimony. i also got to see the other little girl that i was going to baptize (Vanessa). she and i were both happy to see each other. she is a little shy though.
but ya it has been great to be back.

oh my area is almost the same as the other one here, but there are more poor people. like the houses are the same but there are more poor people hanging around here. a lot of them are Chileros. people that pick chile all day. i have taught this one outstanding family and they are really poor. they live in this place that is kind of like a hotel but they live there. its like off of the movie THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. two of the kids were baptized but the parents werent. the parents have STRONG testimonies but they cant be baptized because they arent married. the husband is from some other country and doesnt have his papers. its so sad that they have such strong testimonies but cant be baptized. but i have seen some weird stuff with these poor people like some sleeping on the side walk and another bathing in the canal. that would be nasty!!!! i would understand more if it was like the canals in boise but here they are disgusting!!!
well i better go. i love you all and miss you tons¡!!!!
Elder Barnes
thanks for everything

Zone Conference

Where's Waldo? I know...he is the one in the dark suit.

Trying to Understand Transfers

Hey mom!!!
welll this weeks letter will be really short. yes i am online earlier and it is because of transfers AGAIN!!! this week i worked a lot and my feet dont hurt. sister angulo looked at my feet and she understood that i could walk, but i havent really talked with the president. so now i am going BACK to delicias. i will be in a different area though. i am not really happy about this because i know that they have bikes and i hope this transfer isn't about my stupid feet. i hope this transfer is from God and his part of his plan for me.
well i really really need to go. i LOVED the letter so much. i LOVE you guys so so much. i miss you tons and i will ttyl.
Elder Barnes

Blisters Make for a Tough Week!

how is everything going? how is the US? how is everyone doing? how is jeff recovering? How is jordan liking it being home? hows dad?
well first off my companion has the same amount of time in the field as me. so really i have more time in the mission than he does. i say he is in my generation because we both got here the same day. but we live with the district leader and his companion is really the same generation as me. we both entered the same day. but yes my companion is the senior compnaion.
well this week was the hardest week yet. my area has less investigators and i can fix that, but this area is hard. i have to get to know everyone and the area. the problem though this week was that all of the roads are dirt. its terrible. so last time i wrote i think i had some blisters on my feet but it got worse. i had big blisters and some blood blisters. they hurt so bad. so we ended up calling sister Angulo and she got mad because we didnt call sooner. OOPS!! its just so hard to call when i want to work!!! she told me to go to the doctor. I didnt like this at ALL! i knew when the doctor would see my horrible flat feet he would freak out. WELL GUESS WHAT! he did. He said that i cant walk at all on my mission. i need to be in a area where there are bikes. well there are only very few area with bikes and thats Delicias and here. we dont use the bikes because they get flat easily because all of the roads are DIRT!!! the doctor didnt do anything with the blisters. he told me to buy this cream that was 180 pesos and it was only 10 grams. tiny little thing. totally not worth it. now i am afraid that the president and sister Angulo will think that i cant walk. well now my feet are pretty much healed and i feel great. oh i also got a fever and a bad headache the other day. but i feel so so much better today. i am ready to WALK ALL DAY!!!
well ya i love the area a lot except for the dirt roads. My house is very nice. it is an upgrade from the last one. ELder Candila is great. ya i also think that it was wierd that the president would put us together.
well i am really sorry this letter was more of a complaint. i am really not having that bad of a time here. i am loving it here.
i love you and miss you tons.
i cant wait to see those letters. oh the package wasnt open i dont think. it was beat up but i still got the deoderant.
well ttyl
Elder Barnes

Transferred to Casas Grandes!

Hey Everyone,
well now i do know why everyone doesnt like transfers. i am now in Casas Grandes. i found out about three or four hours before i left. i went to chihuahua wednesday night and thursday we went to a conference and i joined up with elder Weiss and elder Johansen for that day. elder weiss is about done down here and he was the AP for awhile. he is really cool!!! Friday i left chihuahua to casas grandes around 330 we got here around 830. my companion is Elder Candila. He is mexican and is from the same generation as me. so we both have the same amount of time in the field. he is a really cool guy and he doesnt speak very much english. not much at all. we live with another companionship. elder ward and elder Lopez. elder ward is from bear lake Idaho. elder lopez is from mexico and entered the mtc the same time i did but has more time in the field than me. he is really funny and can speak some english. our area here is small and ALL of the roads are dirt. its terrible!!! we dont have very many investigators either. i am liking it here though. transfers are just so hard because i was starting to get to know everyone in delicias and i knew the area really well.
so that little girl that wanted me to baptize her, i didnt get to. i also didnt get to see the other two people that were going to be baptized. we were going to have three people baptized but i had to leave. perfect timing!!! but like i said, i do like it here. there is just a lot of work to do.
that is so cool that jordan is home now. tell him to write me. i bet he had a great time in china.
Oh i got MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got the dear elder about jordan and the little thing with laytons pic and zachs and someone else. and letters from the jones. that was really cool. i need to write to kaytlen again. i also got that package of candy for the fourth of july!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was awesome! thank you so much!!! i really like U.S. candy. Elder Lopez really likes it too. my companion didnt like the twizzers. that was funny!!!
so sister Wallace called you? well i dont know anyone here. i dont know her brother at all but i guess its somewhat right. my spanish is ok but i definitely need to practice more and more. oh i didnt really give a talk i just went up to introduce myself in sacrament meeting and bore my testimony. i gave a talk last week though.
(side note - Sis Wallace, who lives in our Stake, well, her brother lives down in Chihuahua and serves on the High Council. He was visiting a Ward where Jaron introduced himself and bore his testimony. He said that Jaron was doing really well with the Spanish and that he is in a safe area...which was so nice to hear!)
well i love the song baptism so much. i listen to it a lot here and i feel close to you also. for janessa i have 6 people baptized. i really wished to have stayed in delicias for one more week but that didnt happen. oh well.
yes that was a resturaunt but the lady is a member and owns the resuraunt. so i didnt have the choice to order it that nasty looking fish.
well i better go.
i love you guys tons and miss you a lot. thanks for the prayers!!!! i still need them haha
Elder Barnes