Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Successful Stake Conference

18 Sep., 2011
Hey mom/everyone!
well before i get i think that mail and dear elder are about the same because they just sit in the office forever!
so how is everything going? what else is new? well time does fly by but so so many things happen though!!! well you know how i was worried about being transferred. . . .well elder Hatton is now a trainer for elder Carvajal. he is from Guerrero. he is pretty cool but needs to do some adjusting to his companion (elder Hatton) like all missionaries need to learn. So i have a new companion also. His name is Elder Christenson. he is from Midville Utah. Funny thing is that his name is Jaron also!!!!! how cool is that. he will be going home in december also with elder Hatton. they started the mission together and now they are going to end together. so we have four missionaries in this barrio panamericano because there was so much success from the stake conference. in the stake conference there are usually 500 people, but at this one there was 200 investigators (or people that were invited) and 100 inactive members. so that was really cool to set a new record!!!
wow sounds like there has been a big change with the ward! how is that going?

ya you should definitely work with those two baptisms. it is really something special. in fact this week i think we will have four people baptized!!!! i have seen so so many miracles this week!!! it has been amazing! one of the guys that will get baptized is Omar. He is married to a member. He was really catholic and one time the elders passed by and gave him a book of mormon and he wanted to throw it away. he just started reading it recently with his family. he has one son that is 8. but elder Carrillo and i passed by once and read with him and i felt the spirit so strong. we also talked about prayer and sstuff. but later i passed by again with a different elder, elder Gressman. he doesnt have much time in the mission either so i was trying so hard to follow the spirit. elder gressman started teaching something that didnt have to do with his questions but it did in a way. but i started talking and i felt the spirit so so storng. when i finished talking he said that he understood at that point. we finished the lesson but elder hatton and elder Carvajal and i went by again and taught something and i felt the spirit so strong again. but i heard that he was thinking of changing religions after the one visit. so when we passed by we taught the restoration and i felt the spirit and asked if he would be baptized and now he is going to this saturday!!!! it was amazing and he recieved an answer of the book of mormon that night too.
one thing i have learned from elder hatton is that we can ask them to ask again about the book of mormon. like say i know that it is true but i want to have another answer to have a stronger tesimony. i dont know if i explained that well but it was amzing!!!
well i need to go. sorry but i havent sent anything home, but i will for sure SOON!!!!! oh for the independence day they dont do much but they do a GRITO! on the 15th at 12 they shout stuff like VIVA; VIVA MÉXICO! kind of like new years eve.
well i really need to go. i miss you all so so much. and i love you tons!!!
Elder Barnes

September 12th

Hey Everyone,
well these last six months have gone by fast!!! it is so crazy to think that i have 1/4 of my mission over. it went by fast. well at six months they do burn a tie but i didnt do it.

well the weather has been changing a tiny bit. in the nights it gets really nice out. it starts to feel fresh and cool, but the days are still hot!!!
its funny that you guys had stake conference because we did too!! one of the seventy came to ours. his name is Mosiah Del Gado or something like that. it was a big event here because the air in the stake center is being re-done. so we had it in the Teatro of the city. there was a lot of space, so us missionaries did a lot of inviting people and visited members to get them excited to invite also. this one family had so many referencias for us. it was pretty cool and we got 6 of our investigators there. but it was really cool because the seventy said some stuff about my companion and I. he saw us working and inviting people to the conference. so that was interesting.

ok here is the answer to your many questions about mexico. well their main meal is at two-ish. they have a lot of different foods and some of it is weird. . .like the cow stomach soup (menudo), and cow liver, and pig skin. ya they eat some interesting stuff but i really like the food here. oh their independence day is the 16 of september. so that is coming up and there are a lot of flags and other stuff to buy. i think i will buy a lot of stuff next year.
oh a lot of the houses are small and the are made of concrete. there are a lot of cockroaches too. the houses sometimes have gates around it, so we hit the gate with something that is hard. none of the house have grass either. there is NO GRASS here! the people that are rich have grass but the grass is hard and not soft like in the US.
oh they also have a lot of people out on the streets/ corners selling stuff. so at stop lights there are people to wash windows, selling pics of Christ, selling candy or newspapers. one time i saw a guy put three candy bars on the windows of the cars to tempt them to buy because it is right there in their face. but before the light turns green and they drive off, the guy retrieves his candy bars and money. pretty interesting!!! some even do cool fire shows. like juggling things that are on fire.

i would say that the security system is really weird but cool. the police have machine guns and they drive in trucks. and usually in the back of the truck are more guys with machine guns. it is really interesting and cool!!!
In the airport they had this button and if you press it and it goes red, they will check all of your stuff. if it goes green then you can go on ahead. i got the RED!!
well i need to go. the hour flew by. i might get transfered today but i am not sure.
I miss you all alot, and love you tons.
Elder Barnes

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Septiembre 5, 2011

Hello everyone,
the time has been flying by. i will have 1/4 of my mission done in four days. how crazy!!! time is flying by.
well the weather hasnt changed much at ALL!!! its still hot and sunny. maybe has cooled down a few degrees but not enough to notice. that is one thing that i want to do when i get home is go camping at silvercreek with everyone and feel that cool air!!! but ya its still hot here!!!

well transfers came again but i discovered the other side of it. i am still in Delicias in Barrio Panamericano, but i have a new companion!!! his name is elder Hatton. He is from Utah and he is going to finish his mission on december 5!!! he is really cool and really likes to work. he is really excited to work with me in this barrio. i already have seen an improvement from my last companion. my last companion was a little FRITO!!! Elder Hatton is really cool and he reminds me a lot of Landon Watts. so that is a really good change here!!!!

tell Granpa and Grammie hi for me. i wish i could be there to tell them that but i know i should be here and so do they!!!! i am so grateful for their tremendous help in missionary work!!!! i really know that it is SO SO SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! so tell them THANK YOU SO MUCH for the best time/gift in the world!!!!

So is Bri is going to Chicago? that is so cool! the mission will bless her life so much! as it has been for me and continues to be for me.

wow football has started up again. that is really exciting. Please keep me in contact about BSU and Centennial. it is awesome to hear stuff like that.

i love packages and letters so so much!
thank you so much for the awesome letter!!! i love hearing about the fam and others. well i better go. i miss everyone so much and i love a ton!!!

Elder Barnes

August 29th, 2011

the FAM,
hey how is everything going? it is about time i heard something about jills family!!! i havent heard much of them!!! how is EVERYONE doing?
so how is everything going with the new ward and stuff? who replaced dad for that short period of time in the bishopric?
well yes it is still really hot here. i look forward to rain but i dont really like rain. Although I do like it here because it cools the city down so so much!! i am very lucky to live in a house right now with air conditioning. very few houses have them. the houses are very small. they usually have a front room and a bed room and a small bathroom and a very very tiny kitchen. the neighborhoods are funny. i will take a picture because every house are exactly the same and my companion said that they arent because of the color and the top of the roof is a different shape but they are the same.
well yes i am back the bikes and that is one reason why i dont have money. the repairs are terrible!! my companion has had a lot of problems with his bike. yes we always eat with members and it is always at 2 o´clock. i believe that is the big meal of the day. at least for us it is!!!!
i havent had to teach the gospel principles for awhile because someone has the calling. my last time teaching it was in casas grandes. that is a nice relief. the thing that i am learning about myself is . . . . a lot of things. some are confidence, patience, diligence, and animo. i need to have confidence to talk with the people. a lot of the times when i start talking, the things that i want to say just come out without really trying but when i dont have confidence i worry and mess up. patience and diligence is because of this area. this area is really hard. the zone leaders and the district with his companion came and worked with us to help us a little. i went with my district leader and he put a baptismal date with an investigator and that was awesome. Animo is a spanish word. it means to be enerjetic or something of the sort. there isnt really a word for it but i need to be more excited because my companion isnt very excited. so that is also hard.
well i really need to go. i miss everyone a lot and love you tons!!!
Elder Barnes