Monday, August 29, 2011

August 15th

La Familia,
While being here on a mission i have learned so so so many things but the most important thing is to read and pray EVERYDAY!!!! thank you for teaching me this while in my youth!!!!!!!!

Well everything is going great here in Delicias, México. somtimes coming into a new area is very hard. the elder that was before me just went home and he didnt really work hard his last few weeks here. he was a little FRITO (fried). so when the new missionary comes in the new area he gets the fruits of his works. but everything is going great!!!! Elder Carrillo and i are working very hard trying to find people. we taught a lot of new people this week and having more new investigators. so things are progressing. we have this young investigator that she really cool. she is really understanding our message and why it is important for her. its funny how the Lord sends out 19 year old young men to preach the gospel. i think it is so cool and such a great blessing to be serving and to have the gospel in my life. i have noticed that some people dont know why we are here. its such a blessing to know what is our purpose in the world. i know why we here and what we need to do. that is why the Lord sends such young men to go and teach people that are older than they because we know how the gospel can bless their life.

but yes everything is going GREAT here. oh tell jeff HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! sorry i didnt write to you? i know that i need to work on that. trust me i will send some soon.
well i really need to go. i miss you all and love you tons!!!! how is jordan by the way. what is he doing?
love ya tons
Elder Barnes

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