Monday, August 29, 2011

22 Agosto

HEY!!! how is everything going? well first before i forget. i have been taking some money out of my account. i know that your watching but i dont know how much there is or how much i have taken out. i find it somewhat hard to live on the money that they give us at times. i dont by much food on mondays but i do buy some snacking food during the week. there are these little stores everywhere!! they are a part of peoples houses and i buy cookies and a soda every so often. the reason why i took out money was because i have to pay for bike repairments and light bill. also tell janae i got her letter and i loved it!!! i also got jordans dear elder. i think it takes around a month for me to get the dearelders.

well your questions. . . elder carrillo is really awesome!! he doesnt really speak english but he is trying. he can say some stuff but he cant put a sentence together on his on. he is from guanajuato. he will finish is mission in december. he was inactive for most of his life. the last 6 months he was reativated and is now on his mission.
my spanish is coming along, not as fast as i wish it to but elder carrillo is helping me a lot!!! during lessons i can talk with no problem because i have more confidence in myself but just with talking to people i dont have as much confidence and it isnt as great.

i email in any place that has internet, like right now i am in a papeleria.
we are teaching some investigators right now but we just started teaching them. like i said the elder before me left this area DEAD!!! we could definitely find more of these chosen people that the president is talking about. they are just so hard to find. we had a conference with the president again and this time i learned so so much and my companion volunteered to teach a lesson in front of everyone. that was a little nerve racking but it went well!!!

hardest thing about the mission. . . . is the language and . . . doing my best. i always feel like i can do more and more and better. at times i feel like i am not doing a good enough job. i KNOW that the Lord is preparing people but i am just having a hard time finding this people. i know that there are families that are being prepared and are searching the truth with out knowing it but i just dont know where they are. thats what is a little hard in this area.

the best thing is just the mission itself. i have learned so many things. there is nothing better than serving the Lord and teaching other people the outstanding blessings that come from the gospel.

I havent really had the chance to talk with the president but i think he knows because i wrote it in a letter and he asked me how my feet were and i said PERFECT!!!

Oh i also, tell janae that i have had menudo and it is not that bad. it is a soup with cow stomach. its not that bad. . .but its not the greatest either. the shrimp and fish that one time was terrible. shrimp is nasty!!!

but everything else is going great here. i think i will be sending something next week. i have to write to so many people that it is ridiculous. i LOVE getting letters but i am so busy and tired that it is hard to write back. oh the package. i would love to have the general conference ensign because i didnt get one. CANDY like reeses and m$ms and other candy. i can never have enough candy. thank you so so much. i need to go
i miss you all and i love you guys so so much
Elder Barnes

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