Friday, May 27, 2011

On Bikes?

23 Mayo, 2011


Hey how is everything going? That is cool to hear that you guys still did the bike ride! OH!!!! that is one thing about this area. WE HAVE BIKES!!! Our area is big and it is nice to have the bikes. We have four missionaries in the house that I am staying at. So we live just outside of our area. I can't imagine walking everywhere. we would lose so much time. It is truely a blessing to have the bikes. The other day though I wrecked. It was pretty funny. My companion told me that we had to hurry and so we started to go really fast and my companion got something in his eye and I went to pass him on the right but he was trying to wipe his eye. So he was all over the place when I passed. He turned into me and I flew over the handle bars. He just fell to the side, nothing happened to him. I got the worst of it. My hands were beat up, my ear was scratched and I ripped my shirt at the pocket and at the shoulder. So that shirt is history!!! My name tag also got scraped up but luckily I can get new ones.

This area is great. I love it here! I am really starting to love the people. My Spanish is improving but not as fast as I would like it to be. My companion likes to talk to me in English and I wish he wouldnt. I think he looks down on me and doesnt think I know some stuff. But, Elder Roth is a great companion.
The church building is small. Only one hall for classes and stuff, one foyer, and a chapel. The chapel doesnt have benches. The stake center does, but not ours. So they have to set up chairs all the time. My companion and I are doing better at getting investigators to church but we need to do way better.

O HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I am SO SORRY that I havent written you. I have been doing terrible lately about writing to people. Things have been very busy here. I HAVENT written to Ryan and Trevor also. Its terrible!!! I feel bad. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

We had a baptism on your birthday too. One lady named Berenice was baptized and confirmed. She has been an investigator for awhile but she wanted to be baptised before her birthday so that she can enter the temple on her birthday. Her husband is an inactive member. They are doing great!!! Now we have another baptism this week. Saul and Rocio. They are a young couple. They have three kids and are 20 and 21. Here in méxico they have kids EARLY!!! They are getting married tomorrow and baptised Saturday. Its great!!! They are awesome!!!

The food is great! I eat a lot. At times I feel bad but they keep giving food. Usually it is a meat of some sort and tortillas. Maybe a spaghetti here and there.

My companion is at the end of his mission. I will probably be his last companion but who knows. I should be with him for my first 12 weeks. So he goes home after those 12weeks.

I didnt know that it was new. (We saw online that Delicias is the newest city in Mexico...est. in 1933) The place looks terrible though. Its not very clean but I LOVE it here. Our house is alright, a little gross, but I like it.
To do our laundry we put our clothes in a big bucket thing full of soap and water and we stomp on our clothes. We swish and stomp on it for about 15 to 20 minutes then we scrub some parts like the collar with our hands. Then we have another bucket to rinse and we hang the clothes to dry. Its sad because my clothes dont get as soft as normal. Mondays are still busy. Its doesn't really seem like a p-day. But its great.

Well I better go! Tell Derek and Julie HI.
I love you guys and I miss you tons. México is great but its not like home. I hope everything is going great!!! I wish I could have more time but I need to go. ttyl. love ya tons!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! AND TREVOR AND RYAN!!!
ELder Barnes

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am In Delicias, Mexico!

My companion is Elder Roth. He is a great companion/trainer. Heis from Iowa but his family is currently living in Japan. I think his dad is in the Air Force. Elder Roth is great and we work hard. I think he is a good trainer for me. President Angulo is really cool. I thought it is weird that he puts us Americans with Americans. He likes to do that but the one Elder that was supposed to be in my district in the MTC has a hispanic...probably because he did the intermediate Spanish.
We have been working hard but we can always do better.

I already set my first baptismal date. Its on the 28 of May!!! It is this young couple with three little kids. Their names are Saul y Rocio. They are really nice. It's so cool to go contacting and teaching real people. We are teaching a lot of people. We have another investigator who is married to a member and she is only 17. She (Fabiola) married Beto who is 27. They are really nice. It is nice to go teaching because everyone gives us water, soda, or food. The members here treat us well. We are always fed at 2:00 and it is always good. There was one time that the food was on the edge but it still wasn't that bad. Its awesome.

When I first got to México, I was climbing down from the airplane and I saw two guys in camo with machine guns. Their security here is really interesting. They also had dogs searching our luggage. In the SMALL, TINY airport they have a funny security system. You go to this button and press it. It is totally random and if it goes to the green light they don't check your bag, but if it is red they check all of your stuff. I got the red light! Everyone else I think got the green. Also when we were waiting for a passport check we saw a helicopter land. There were guys sitting on the side all in black. They are the Federal and everyone is scared of them. I guess in Juarez they are everywhere and they are always having wars with the drug lord people. They have trucks and some stand in the back with turrets (machine guns). Its pretty sweet.
My area, Delicias, is about an hour outside of Chihuahua and isnt that bad. Its pretty safe here. The other night there were gun shots but I was sleepy and didnt hear it. The next day we saw a bunch of guys in the camo holding machine guns on our street. Everything is going great here and I am loving it! The language is HARD!!!! It is very hard to understand the people. They speak fast and mumble a little. Plus they are using different words than the ones I have learned. But I notice that I am getting better at it everyday.
Elder Roth and his companion before had a baptism the weekend before i got here. the guy´s name is Polo. He is a really cool guy. He just got the Priesthood and blessed the Sacrament this Sunday. Church is very different. I don't think that Hispanics can sing. I am loving it here so much though. The people are really nice and I am having a lot of success. Hopefully I will do even better though this week.

Well I better go. I hope you liked the flower that I folded for you and the pictures. I will try to do better with the pics.

Oh guess what?! Some places in our mission dont have washing machines and some do. well I was the lucky one and didnt get one. So today I washed my clothes by feet and hands FUN STUFF!!! Our place is small but its good. Well I need to go!!! I love you guys so much and I miss you tons.
Elder Barnes

MTC Photos

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mexico...Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Hey Everyone,
Well I am leaving the MTC on schedule. In fact last Wednesday after I emailed you, my whole district was called down to the traveling office. We then went to Salt Lake City to do some last minute things for our visas. That was so nice to leave Provo and go out in the real world, but the down part was that we missed the temple that day.

So my visa is here and I am still leaving on the 9th. I need to be at the traveling office at 3 am. Our flight leaves Salt lake at 6 and we land in Dallas. So I was thinking that I would call you in Dallas so you dont have to wake up early and it just might be easier for me too. I am not sure the exact time that I will be there but I have a three hour lay over. I will get back on and email you the exact time.

Its so weird how the time is flying by! My companion and I are doing this one thing for the new missionaries tonight. We go in and teach an investigator and get the lesson moving along on how the gospel is related to her/his life and why they need it. Once we get it moving along the new missionaries take it over and we leave. So hopefully we can get it moving along and be good examples. I dont know how we got offered to do this but I guess my teacher or someone else volunteered us or suggested us. We will see how it goes. The funny thing is that we weren't told anything about the investigator so it will be close to the real thing.

Oh mom, tell Grandpa Jay that he was right. I should have practiced the hymns a little more. The zone is now lacking in music talent. I played the piano in Sacrament. Another misssionary played also but I had to play two of the songs. It went well but I wish that I would've practiced more.

Well mom I won't be able to talk to you ON mothers day so. . . HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! You have been the best mom ever!!! On Monday you will have to tell me what you got in church for being an awesome mother.

Well everything else is going great! I am loving it here. I don't think that I am ready for Mexico but I know that it will be good. I need to go. I will talk to you soon and I love you guys so much. Tell everyone hi and tell Amy and Jeff thanks for writing me.
Elder Barnes

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey everyone,
They changed the whole schedule at the MTC. They changed everything!!! At first I didnt like it but its pretty good. I thought they got rid of companionship study because it was not on the schedule but it is actually during the time when a teacher is here. One of the teachers has to give up a hour so we can do companionship study. It's a great idea because if we need help. They are there just in case. Plus if some of us are not on task then that will help too. We also have had a lot of subs lately because our teachers were gone. one went on a trip and the other had to stop teaching because his time was done. they are only allowed to teach for three years or until the graduate. whatever comes first. so that was sad to see him leave. he was the best teacher!!!
Ya I will send that SD card this week. I am sorry it has taken me so long to send it.
Oh guess what?!!!!!! Every missionary gets almost one apostle for Tuesday night devos. One of the districts in our zone that already left, didn't get any at all the whole tiem they were here. As you know we had Richard G Scott last week and we were so blessed to have Dallin H Oaks come this week. It was awesome! I couldnt believe that I got two Apotles while I was here. It was just incredible!!!!
I should be leaving in less than two weeks. I am so excited and a little scared because I know that my Spanish is not even close to where it needs to be. We should be getting our travel plans sometime soon. I have heard that we havent gotten our visas but I am not sure. Hopefully they come :)
Hey tell Aunt Jan thanks for sending that one dear elder. I really appreciated it. Maybe you should tell Jeff how easy dear elder is because I still havent heard from them. There is only two weeks for that dear elder. I would love to hear from them.
oh more news.
Elder Orchard and I are not Zone leaders now. President called new ones because he wants us to train them and he also wanted us to have some time to cool down and get ready for Mexico. So that was interesting.
The weather here is lame. Still cold and stuff. It has been snowing a little every once in awhile. Then it will get sunny ten minutes later. Its weird.
Hey thanks for that last package. I liked it a lot. Nothing better than a package!!!!!!! I will send a letter with the books about Dallin H Oaks talk and some other stuff.
This MTC experience here has been amazing. Miracles are already happening! I miss you all a lot and I love you tons.
Elder Barnes