Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 12th

Hey Everyone,
well these last six months have gone by fast!!! it is so crazy to think that i have 1/4 of my mission over. it went by fast. well at six months they do burn a tie but i didnt do it.

well the weather has been changing a tiny bit. in the nights it gets really nice out. it starts to feel fresh and cool, but the days are still hot!!!
its funny that you guys had stake conference because we did too!! one of the seventy came to ours. his name is Mosiah Del Gado or something like that. it was a big event here because the air in the stake center is being re-done. so we had it in the Teatro of the city. there was a lot of space, so us missionaries did a lot of inviting people and visited members to get them excited to invite also. this one family had so many referencias for us. it was pretty cool and we got 6 of our investigators there. but it was really cool because the seventy said some stuff about my companion and I. he saw us working and inviting people to the conference. so that was interesting.

ok here is the answer to your many questions about mexico. well their main meal is at two-ish. they have a lot of different foods and some of it is weird. . .like the cow stomach soup (menudo), and cow liver, and pig skin. ya they eat some interesting stuff but i really like the food here. oh their independence day is the 16 of september. so that is coming up and there are a lot of flags and other stuff to buy. i think i will buy a lot of stuff next year.
oh a lot of the houses are small and the are made of concrete. there are a lot of cockroaches too. the houses sometimes have gates around it, so we hit the gate with something that is hard. none of the house have grass either. there is NO GRASS here! the people that are rich have grass but the grass is hard and not soft like in the US.
oh they also have a lot of people out on the streets/ corners selling stuff. so at stop lights there are people to wash windows, selling pics of Christ, selling candy or newspapers. one time i saw a guy put three candy bars on the windows of the cars to tempt them to buy because it is right there in their face. but before the light turns green and they drive off, the guy retrieves his candy bars and money. pretty interesting!!! some even do cool fire shows. like juggling things that are on fire.

i would say that the security system is really weird but cool. the police have machine guns and they drive in trucks. and usually in the back of the truck are more guys with machine guns. it is really interesting and cool!!!
In the airport they had this button and if you press it and it goes red, they will check all of your stuff. if it goes green then you can go on ahead. i got the RED!!
well i need to go. the hour flew by. i might get transfered today but i am not sure.
I miss you all alot, and love you tons.
Elder Barnes

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