Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 29th, 2011

the FAM,
hey how is everything going? it is about time i heard something about jills family!!! i havent heard much of them!!! how is EVERYONE doing?
so how is everything going with the new ward and stuff? who replaced dad for that short period of time in the bishopric?
well yes it is still really hot here. i look forward to rain but i dont really like rain. Although I do like it here because it cools the city down so so much!! i am very lucky to live in a house right now with air conditioning. very few houses have them. the houses are very small. they usually have a front room and a bed room and a small bathroom and a very very tiny kitchen. the neighborhoods are funny. i will take a picture because every house are exactly the same and my companion said that they arent because of the color and the top of the roof is a different shape but they are the same.
well yes i am back the bikes and that is one reason why i dont have money. the repairs are terrible!! my companion has had a lot of problems with his bike. yes we always eat with members and it is always at 2 o´clock. i believe that is the big meal of the day. at least for us it is!!!!
i havent had to teach the gospel principles for awhile because someone has the calling. my last time teaching it was in casas grandes. that is a nice relief. the thing that i am learning about myself is . . . . a lot of things. some are confidence, patience, diligence, and animo. i need to have confidence to talk with the people. a lot of the times when i start talking, the things that i want to say just come out without really trying but when i dont have confidence i worry and mess up. patience and diligence is because of this area. this area is really hard. the zone leaders and the district with his companion came and worked with us to help us a little. i went with my district leader and he put a baptismal date with an investigator and that was awesome. Animo is a spanish word. it means to be enerjetic or something of the sort. there isnt really a word for it but i need to be more excited because my companion isnt very excited. so that is also hard.
well i really need to go. i miss everyone a lot and love you tons!!!
Elder Barnes

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