Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey everyone,
They changed the whole schedule at the MTC. They changed everything!!! At first I didnt like it but its pretty good. I thought they got rid of companionship study because it was not on the schedule but it is actually during the time when a teacher is here. One of the teachers has to give up a hour so we can do companionship study. It's a great idea because if we need help. They are there just in case. Plus if some of us are not on task then that will help too. We also have had a lot of subs lately because our teachers were gone. one went on a trip and the other had to stop teaching because his time was done. they are only allowed to teach for three years or until the graduate. whatever comes first. so that was sad to see him leave. he was the best teacher!!!
Ya I will send that SD card this week. I am sorry it has taken me so long to send it.
Oh guess what?!!!!!! Every missionary gets almost one apostle for Tuesday night devos. One of the districts in our zone that already left, didn't get any at all the whole tiem they were here. As you know we had Richard G Scott last week and we were so blessed to have Dallin H Oaks come this week. It was awesome! I couldnt believe that I got two Apotles while I was here. It was just incredible!!!!
I should be leaving in less than two weeks. I am so excited and a little scared because I know that my Spanish is not even close to where it needs to be. We should be getting our travel plans sometime soon. I have heard that we havent gotten our visas but I am not sure. Hopefully they come :)
Hey tell Aunt Jan thanks for sending that one dear elder. I really appreciated it. Maybe you should tell Jeff how easy dear elder is because I still havent heard from them. There is only two weeks for that dear elder. I would love to hear from them.
oh more news.
Elder Orchard and I are not Zone leaders now. President called new ones because he wants us to train them and he also wanted us to have some time to cool down and get ready for Mexico. So that was interesting.
The weather here is lame. Still cold and stuff. It has been snowing a little every once in awhile. Then it will get sunny ten minutes later. Its weird.
Hey thanks for that last package. I liked it a lot. Nothing better than a package!!!!!!! I will send a letter with the books about Dallin H Oaks talk and some other stuff.
This MTC experience here has been amazing. Miracles are already happening! I miss you all a lot and I love you tons.
Elder Barnes

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