Friday, May 27, 2011

On Bikes?

23 Mayo, 2011


Hey how is everything going? That is cool to hear that you guys still did the bike ride! OH!!!! that is one thing about this area. WE HAVE BIKES!!! Our area is big and it is nice to have the bikes. We have four missionaries in the house that I am staying at. So we live just outside of our area. I can't imagine walking everywhere. we would lose so much time. It is truely a blessing to have the bikes. The other day though I wrecked. It was pretty funny. My companion told me that we had to hurry and so we started to go really fast and my companion got something in his eye and I went to pass him on the right but he was trying to wipe his eye. So he was all over the place when I passed. He turned into me and I flew over the handle bars. He just fell to the side, nothing happened to him. I got the worst of it. My hands were beat up, my ear was scratched and I ripped my shirt at the pocket and at the shoulder. So that shirt is history!!! My name tag also got scraped up but luckily I can get new ones.

This area is great. I love it here! I am really starting to love the people. My Spanish is improving but not as fast as I would like it to be. My companion likes to talk to me in English and I wish he wouldnt. I think he looks down on me and doesnt think I know some stuff. But, Elder Roth is a great companion.
The church building is small. Only one hall for classes and stuff, one foyer, and a chapel. The chapel doesnt have benches. The stake center does, but not ours. So they have to set up chairs all the time. My companion and I are doing better at getting investigators to church but we need to do way better.

O HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I am SO SORRY that I havent written you. I have been doing terrible lately about writing to people. Things have been very busy here. I HAVENT written to Ryan and Trevor also. Its terrible!!! I feel bad. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

We had a baptism on your birthday too. One lady named Berenice was baptized and confirmed. She has been an investigator for awhile but she wanted to be baptised before her birthday so that she can enter the temple on her birthday. Her husband is an inactive member. They are doing great!!! Now we have another baptism this week. Saul and Rocio. They are a young couple. They have three kids and are 20 and 21. Here in méxico they have kids EARLY!!! They are getting married tomorrow and baptised Saturday. Its great!!! They are awesome!!!

The food is great! I eat a lot. At times I feel bad but they keep giving food. Usually it is a meat of some sort and tortillas. Maybe a spaghetti here and there.

My companion is at the end of his mission. I will probably be his last companion but who knows. I should be with him for my first 12 weeks. So he goes home after those 12weeks.

I didnt know that it was new. (We saw online that Delicias is the newest city in Mexico...est. in 1933) The place looks terrible though. Its not very clean but I LOVE it here. Our house is alright, a little gross, but I like it.
To do our laundry we put our clothes in a big bucket thing full of soap and water and we stomp on our clothes. We swish and stomp on it for about 15 to 20 minutes then we scrub some parts like the collar with our hands. Then we have another bucket to rinse and we hang the clothes to dry. Its sad because my clothes dont get as soft as normal. Mondays are still busy. Its doesn't really seem like a p-day. But its great.

Well I better go! Tell Derek and Julie HI.
I love you guys and I miss you tons. México is great but its not like home. I hope everything is going great!!! I wish I could have more time but I need to go. ttyl. love ya tons!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! AND TREVOR AND RYAN!!!
ELder Barnes

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