Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am In Delicias, Mexico!

My companion is Elder Roth. He is a great companion/trainer. Heis from Iowa but his family is currently living in Japan. I think his dad is in the Air Force. Elder Roth is great and we work hard. I think he is a good trainer for me. President Angulo is really cool. I thought it is weird that he puts us Americans with Americans. He likes to do that but the one Elder that was supposed to be in my district in the MTC has a hispanic...probably because he did the intermediate Spanish.
We have been working hard but we can always do better.

I already set my first baptismal date. Its on the 28 of May!!! It is this young couple with three little kids. Their names are Saul y Rocio. They are really nice. It's so cool to go contacting and teaching real people. We are teaching a lot of people. We have another investigator who is married to a member and she is only 17. She (Fabiola) married Beto who is 27. They are really nice. It is nice to go teaching because everyone gives us water, soda, or food. The members here treat us well. We are always fed at 2:00 and it is always good. There was one time that the food was on the edge but it still wasn't that bad. Its awesome.

When I first got to México, I was climbing down from the airplane and I saw two guys in camo with machine guns. Their security here is really interesting. They also had dogs searching our luggage. In the SMALL, TINY airport they have a funny security system. You go to this button and press it. It is totally random and if it goes to the green light they don't check your bag, but if it is red they check all of your stuff. I got the red light! Everyone else I think got the green. Also when we were waiting for a passport check we saw a helicopter land. There were guys sitting on the side all in black. They are the Federal and everyone is scared of them. I guess in Juarez they are everywhere and they are always having wars with the drug lord people. They have trucks and some stand in the back with turrets (machine guns). Its pretty sweet.
My area, Delicias, is about an hour outside of Chihuahua and isnt that bad. Its pretty safe here. The other night there were gun shots but I was sleepy and didnt hear it. The next day we saw a bunch of guys in the camo holding machine guns on our street. Everything is going great here and I am loving it! The language is HARD!!!! It is very hard to understand the people. They speak fast and mumble a little. Plus they are using different words than the ones I have learned. But I notice that I am getting better at it everyday.
Elder Roth and his companion before had a baptism the weekend before i got here. the guy´s name is Polo. He is a really cool guy. He just got the Priesthood and blessed the Sacrament this Sunday. Church is very different. I don't think that Hispanics can sing. I am loving it here so much though. The people are really nice and I am having a lot of success. Hopefully I will do even better though this week.

Well I better go. I hope you liked the flower that I folded for you and the pictures. I will try to do better with the pics.

Oh guess what?! Some places in our mission dont have washing machines and some do. well I was the lucky one and didnt get one. So today I washed my clothes by feet and hands FUN STUFF!!! Our place is small but its good. Well I need to go!!! I love you guys so much and I miss you tons.
Elder Barnes

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