Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mexico...Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Hey Everyone,
Well I am leaving the MTC on schedule. In fact last Wednesday after I emailed you, my whole district was called down to the traveling office. We then went to Salt Lake City to do some last minute things for our visas. That was so nice to leave Provo and go out in the real world, but the down part was that we missed the temple that day.

So my visa is here and I am still leaving on the 9th. I need to be at the traveling office at 3 am. Our flight leaves Salt lake at 6 and we land in Dallas. So I was thinking that I would call you in Dallas so you dont have to wake up early and it just might be easier for me too. I am not sure the exact time that I will be there but I have a three hour lay over. I will get back on and email you the exact time.

Its so weird how the time is flying by! My companion and I are doing this one thing for the new missionaries tonight. We go in and teach an investigator and get the lesson moving along on how the gospel is related to her/his life and why they need it. Once we get it moving along the new missionaries take it over and we leave. So hopefully we can get it moving along and be good examples. I dont know how we got offered to do this but I guess my teacher or someone else volunteered us or suggested us. We will see how it goes. The funny thing is that we weren't told anything about the investigator so it will be close to the real thing.

Oh mom, tell Grandpa Jay that he was right. I should have practiced the hymns a little more. The zone is now lacking in music talent. I played the piano in Sacrament. Another misssionary played also but I had to play two of the songs. It went well but I wish that I would've practiced more.

Well mom I won't be able to talk to you ON mothers day so. . . HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! You have been the best mom ever!!! On Monday you will have to tell me what you got in church for being an awesome mother.

Well everything else is going great! I am loving it here. I don't think that I am ready for Mexico but I know that it will be good. I need to go. I will talk to you soon and I love you guys so much. Tell everyone hi and tell Amy and Jeff thanks for writing me.
Elder Barnes

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