Friday, March 25, 2011

First Letter Home - March 11, 2011

Dear Family,
Hola! How is everything going? How is the house without me? Seem empty? How was the long ride home? What's new with Jordan? It was weird when you dropped me off. I was really sad to go and leave you guys, but I was SO excited at the same time.
After I left the car, we went to get my name tag and picture taken. Also got my blue card, the MTC card. Then we went to my room and set the stuff there. I unpacked later that night. We have had 2 big meetings with everyone that is new. There are 252 new Elders but there are usually around 400. My first class on the first day was good. They started teaching Spanish already on the first day!
The first full day was LONG! It seemed like it was forever. All we do is study, sleep and eat. That is the triangle. Dorm, cafeteria and classroom. We are always in those places. It is great though. I'm loving it already. My teachers, Hermoana Forsyth y Hermono Anderson are awesome. They have taught me a lot already. I was taught how to pray in Spanish yesterday and today. It is tough, but that is how I am supposed to pray now. Yes. I pray in Spanish. It is hard and needs work but it is great.
My companion is Elder Orchard. He is a great Elder. He is our District Leader, but it's weird because I am the senior companion. There are five Elders total in our District. Elder Adams, Elder Evans, Elder Robie, Elder Orchard and me. We were supposed to have one more, but he is a NO Show! Elder Orchard is from Idaho Falls. He is 20 and loves to play sports.
Oh the things that Aunt Jan was talking about where we have an extra hour to study is called Missionary Directed Time (MDT). So it goes personal study, companion study, Language study, then MDT. During MDT Elders are supposed to work on whatever they seem to need the most. So whatever I need to work on I do that.
Everyday we get gym,which is really nice. We can play basketball, volleyball, four square, run or other stuff.
Today was great because I got a lot out of study time and from my teachers. Plus today went by faster than yesterday. I am learning alot and I feel the Spirit alot. I love my zone and zone leaders. We also met the Branch President. He seems really cool.
Oh, we also have this tutor or teacher guy. He is really cool. His name is Hermano Nava. He knows Spanish really well and can speak it SO fast! He taught for while and he is one good teacher.
The food is great!!! I love the food, but it will get old soon. One meal was weird because it made my stomach act funny. Plus, I think food gives me gas....and I'm not the only one!
Well, I am loving the MTC and I am learning alot. This letter was to let you know that I am okay. Better than okay!
I will write to you on Wednesdays. The MTC lets us now to tell you that we are safe. Sorry but I need to go. I love you tons! Miss you tons also!
Your missionary, Elder Barnes

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  1. Sounds like he is doing well and loving it already!