Friday, March 25, 2011

March 16, 2011

Everything is going great! I am loving it here.
Sunday is almost like everyday. We get up for personal study and for companion study, language study and MDT. But we dont have any teachers teaching that day. We also have a Priesthood metting and have Sacrament which is in Spanish. Between these meetings we have study time. After sacrament meeting we walked up to the temple and just chilled for awhile and took pictures. I forgot my camera but I will get another chance. Today is our p-day and we just got back from doing a session at the Temple. It is a very nice temple.
Well a normal day at the MTC is crazy. We study a lot with personal, companion, language, and missionary directed time. Plus we have teachers come in and teach us about the gospel and a lot about spanish. I am now saying my prayers in Spanish. Its awesome. Still needs work but it's kinda fun. Elder Orchard (my companion) and I taught our first lesson to a volunteer. We first had to contact in Spanish and we had to introduce ourselves and tell who we are and also ask him some questions, all in Spanish. It is somewhat hard but its really fun.
The food here is good but its doing weird things to me. It is great though!!! I have heard some pretty funny stories about having the runs so i am glad i am not like that :)
Yesterday we had a devo and Elder Richard Maynes of the Seventy spoke. He gave a wonderful talk and we happened to meet him outside and we shook his hand.
Everything is going great and I am learning a lot! Spanish is hard but its not that bad . . . yet!
Well my time is really short. I only get a half hour so i need to go.
I love you guys and I miss you a lot.
Elder Jaron Barnes

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