Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21, 2011

The MTC is going great! They don't give us much time to email back though. I tried to get on the website and my time was already starting before I logged in. Then the website or email didn't pop up and yet my time was still going. When I got back in, the time dropped five minutes. So I had no time to write back to Derek and Jordan. Hopefully this Wed. goes better! Well right now it is Monday morning. We are supposed to have service now but we do a little service on P-day. So right now it is personal time. Well its weird to think I have been here for almost 2 weeks! The days are long, but the weeks fly by! Some days are longer than others. On Saturday I had a really long day even though it was such a good day. I am learning a lot from study time with Hermana Forsyth y Heromano Anderson. Well, as of right now I can say my prayers in Spanish and talk with a person and tell them who we are. I can testify, contact and ask if we can come by to share a message. I also try to talk Spanish as much as possible. The main purpose of this letter was to tell you, Mom, that I had a great lesson the other day from Hermano Anderson. Do you remember when we went and heard John Bytheway talk? He talked about how Amalickiah convinces Lehonti to come out of his city just a little. Then convinces him to come lower. By the end of the chapter, Amalickiah has all power over everyone. Well, Hermano Anderson had us read this together as a class. He would stop and teach us stuff about the chapter. Then we read the last verse of chapter 47 and that it sums up everything the story is about. He related it to us as missionaries. When he taught this to us, the Spirit was SO strong! It has been one of the best far. We also saw a video of Elder Jeffry R. Holland of when he spoke at an MTC Tuesday devotional a few yeasrs ago. It was amazing. He spoke with so much power as he always does. But this was just about missionaries. I took a lot of notes. Well it is definitely easier to write in a letter than email. I am loving it here at the MTC! Our zone leaders were released yesterday and I miss them. They leave today at 11:30. My district is awesome also. Yesterday we had a good district meeting and hopefully we will improve on some things. Oh! I found out a cool way to mark my scriptures! I will tell you later about it. Please write back in letters also. Jill sent some candy and that was AWESOME! Well, I need to go. I love you guys and I miss you so much! Love, Elder Barnes~

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