Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 23, 2011

Family, Hey hows it going? anything new? that is so sad about Max. (sidenote - 2 yr old Max broke his leg) WOW Derek is coming to Boise!!! That is so cool. I cant wait to go and get my teeth worked on by him after my mission :) how is jordan doing? I felt bad because I had very little time to write to him so I said thanks and sent it before my time ran out. I bet he is having fun! Tell Jill that i loved her package a lot and that L would like more :) jk but the candy was great!
Well my district is great! There's Elder Adams, Evans, Robie, Orchard, and me. We are all going to the same mission. Our district is small and nice. Elder Evans is from Centerville Utah and Elder Adams is from Rigby. Elder Robie is from Provo. He says that he can run to his house from here. (That would be terrible knowing that!!!)
Yes I did get a bottom bunk. There are four to a room and Elder Orhard and I are the only ones in our room so he took a bottom bunk also. It is nice to have a room for the two of us. Also Jan said it would be nice to have a window or hopefully I would get one and I do have one. But it is never used. The blinds are supposed to be closed so its no use to have one. Plus at night it lets in some light so if anything. . . I dont like it.
My companionship with Elder Orchard is great. We get along very well. Oh! One Elder was supposed to be in our district but he never showed up. We kept getting mail for him too. Then we saw him one time here at the MTC and we think he is doing some advanced spanish course thing. But our teachers never knew about it and we didnt either. So Elder Robie had to join with Adams and Evans.
I have seen a lot of people here that I know. I saw Elder Matson the first day in the first ten minutes I was here. I also saw another friend,Elder Landon Dougal. He was in my zone for one whole day. He left the next day for Mexico City. We talked a lot for my first and his last night.
Well everything is great!!! I love my teachers Hermana Forsyth and Hermano Anderson. They are amazing teachers!!!! I have learned a lot in spanish. I can now say my prayers, get to know someone, set up an appointment, testify, and many other things in spanish. It is hard at times but it is coming along. I am also learning a lot about the gospel. My testiomny has grown a lot here.
Oh the food isnt that bad now. I think my body is getting used to it. I still get a lot of gas and burps :) I am having alot of fun and I am learning a lot here. Tell everyone that I love them and I hope to hear from them!!! gotta go. Time is almost out and I need to say something to Jordan.
Love ya tons, Elder Jaron Barnes

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  1. The comments about the food are funny! Matt was telling us what the food did to him while there. Fun stuff!