Friday, March 25, 2011

The MTC Drop Off

The MTC is very organized with their drop off. The sidewalks are lined with missionaries just waiting to greet you and wisk your missionary off. (I later found out that 200 missionaries can be dropped off in 15 minutes. Something crazy like that!)

We just happened to be directed to #21. My favorite number! This is a sign. All is going to be okay. This is a lucky spot.

Mom is trying to hold back the tears, but it is SO hard. Just can't do it.
Off he goes! This is the last time we will see him for 2 years! (tear, sobbing is more like it!)
The long ride home was made much better by listening to a book on CD. This really helped to keep my mind distracted. Still sobbing ensued from time to time. (and will pop up out of nowhere for quite awhile).
Jaron will be terribly missed, but there isn't a better place for him to be at this time in his life. We are thrilled he is serving a mission!

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