Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 2, 2011 - A Temple in Meridian!

Dear Family,
I am doing AWESOME! So I watched General Conference and how cool is that they announced a Temple in Meridian? I knew we would get another temple. This first session was really good.
My teacher taught a great lesson yesterday. Hermana Forsyth shared a scripture about becoming fat in our soul by feasting upon the words of Christ. She brought up how being anorexic, bulimic or a picky eater and calorie counting for the soul is bad. We need to FEAST upon the words of Christ and become fat in our soul. It was an amazing lesson!
Some of the Elders in our District seem to be having a hard time being positive and working with all of their might. Hermona Anderson took Elder Orchard and I out and said that we were awesome missionaries and that he could see that we know why we are here.
Good news!!! My companion was released as District Leader and Elder Robie takes over this Wednesday. But, the AWESOME part is that Elder Orchard and I are now the new Zone Leaders! We are going to be Zone leaders for like 5 weeks! Its weird that they didn't choose someone from the district in front of us. (but they are kind of quiet).
The current Zone Leaders are leaving Wednesday and that is when we take over until we leave.
Well I need to get back to Conference. Thanks for the letters and candy. :)
Love, Elder Barnes a.k.a New Zone Leader

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