Monday, April 4, 2011

March 30, 2011 - Fast Sunday @ the MTC

Hey everyone, Well first don't feel bad about the time I have on the computer. I LOVE to hear from the family and to hear what is going on. That is so cool that Mom, Jenessa and Lexi went to Janaes. I havent heard anything from Janae at all :( How is she doing? That is so cool that they have piglets. I would love to see a picture some time. It is crazy that my third week is gone and that I am starting my fourth. The days go by so slow, but the weeks go by so fast. Its weird. Also the days are so long and the nights go by so fast. It doesnt seem like I am getting that much sleep. But I am not that tired during the day. One Elder in my district is always tired and sleeping. Oh mom you were wondering what Fast Sunday was like in the MTC. Well we study from 7 to 10 and then we have a two hour missionary conference meeting. After that we have our Sacrament meeting at 12:30. Oh and they dont serve food for breakfast and lunch on Fast Sunday. The Branch Pres. asked every missionary to get up and bear their testimony in Spanish. 24 out of 28 did. I was one of the 24 of course. It was so cool to bear my testimony in Spanish. Spanish is hard at times but it is coming to me. After our Sacrament meeting we go for our usual temple walk. We just go and walk to the temple and chill for awhile and then we head back. Sundays are great here because they are very relaxing and a day to chill...but today is always the best.
Yesterday was cool because we got to go to the TRC and teach a volunteer but i will tell you about that later in a letter because my time is short. It is so cool to go to the TRC. Well I also look forward to your emails and letters.(Yes the people that write me will get a letter back). It is so cool to get letters. I also really liked the candy i got from Jill but that was gone really fast. Well it is so nice to hear from everyone and I hope everything is going great!!! Everything here in the MTC is great. I am learning a lot of Spanish but also a lot of the gospel. It is crazy!!! I love the teachers. They know so much. Well I gotta go. I miss you and love you tons! Elder Barnes

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