Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20, 2011

Dear family,
The food is still good. Not anything like home cooked meals. In fact can you send one more package please. Could you send some peanut butter rice crispy treats. A LOT OF IT too. please. I love the candy that you and Jill send. Its pretty much all gone. I do like the food here, but its starting to get really old. I really wish I could go to Bajio right now. I usually get a wrap here at the mtc. Its like subway but a burrito. They put things that you want on it and then they put some sauces that you want. I always get the Jamican jerk sauce. It is very good but it is very spicy.
Today and last night I have been fasting so I am really hungry right now. I get to end my fast in a few minutes :) but I really would like some PEANUT BUTTER rice crispy treats. and maybe some cookies and reeses again. can never have enough of that. but thank you so much for that candy that you did send me. its so good.
Oh you could also send some of my old ties that I didnt bring? You never can have enough of those.
I have had amazing lessons this week. Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us last night and it was amazing!!! Apostles speak amazing at general conference but it is way different here when they speak. The spirit was so strong! I think it was one of the experiences where the spirit was so stong. I will write you another letter of the things that he said and of the things that I have learned. We also had an amazing district meeting last night. These meetings are about the Devo last night so the spirit was strong there also. In that meeting my whole district was crying. I will tell you why in the letter. the stories and stuff.
In gym I like to play four square. In the video that you saw it looked like it wasnt fun but it is really intense.
I have seen two of michelles x boyfriends here. One I went bridge jumping with in Horseshoe Bend. It has just been cool to see people. Oh I see John Roylance almost every day. Yes Josh did leave to Japan on Monday. we dont know if we are leaving on time but i think we will. We get travel plans in two weeks.
I can get pictures. Jordan sent some about that bike thing that he broke.
the new district is awesome. There are 5 elders and 4 sisters. One elder and one sister are siblings. that would be weird!!!
My district is doing good now. everyone is doing better on goals and being more on time. I will write more in the letter but i need to go.
I hope to see a package soon!!!!!:):):) haha thank you so much.
I love you guys and I miss you so much!!!!
Elder Barnes

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