Friday, February 17, 2012

Doing the right thing

Dec. 12, 2011

Querida familia,
well its not hot here now. it has been a little colder. my companion is now at home with his family. that is so weird! well there were four elders in the house but right now we are back to two. two left to go home but the other one is with me. elder carvajal is my companion. He is from Guerrero México. he has about 3 months in the mission. maybe a little bit more. he is very cool and we get along good. my old companion is trying to look for you in facebook. he has some pics!!!!!! his name is Jaron James Christenson. you should look for him and he will give you pics.

well yesterday el presidente came to delicias and we had a christmas concert. we sang with a bunch of missionaries from chihuahua and the ones that are serving near by. it was amazing. i felt the spirit so strong. it was a lot of fun to go there because i saw fabiola. she was one of the girls that we baptized in barrio juarez. she is still going to church and is strong. how cool is that? also she has a calling. she is coordinating all of the food for the missionaries. her husband has a calling now. he is pres. of the young men. that is so so cool to hear. but the president came for this activity and didnt bring any letters or packages. hopefully he comes again.
well we had a few surprises this week. the district leader came to check on us early on tuesday. luckily i was doing my fitness because my companion was sleeping and got caught. they called him and he said that we were both doing our fitness but they said, "ok open the door because we can see you sleeping." so good thing i was doing my fitness. also they checked all of our stuff. the luggage
and everything else. it was pretty cool. they took some of my stuff . . . like my flag, trompos (a little spinning top) and some pics of friends. the president is telling that we need to clean everything that we have so that we cant fall into sin. it is really really cool. i am loving everything about the mission. the mission presidente has taught me a lot. i just hope i can go buy things at the end of my mission for you guys and for myself.
well the mission really does change people. i am changing a lot. i have learned so much here on the mission and i will continue learning more. it is truely amazing what the mission does to people. as of right now i dont want to leave ever. there are some things that i do miss. . .like christmas at home, but right now i am trying to study more about Jesucristo this year so that i really understand the importance of christmas.
Interesting thing is that the mexican missionaries call on the 24 because it is bigger than the 25.
oh i had a couple baptized this weekend. it was really special. really funny too because we taught alot of the lessons with this recent member. so i had him baptize them and he had to do it like 8 times because he was so nervous. really funny but really special.
well i need to go. thank you for the awesome letter. tell everyone hi.
i love you all so much and miss you tons.
elder Barnes

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