Friday, February 17, 2012

Understanding the True Meaning of Christmas

19 Dec. 2011

HEy mommy and daddy and everyone else,
well i am so so excited right now. i can hardly type because i am just so
excited. i went to chihuhahua this week and had a conference and had a
christmas dinner and everything. we also did another concert thing there
but with a little more missionaries. but it wasnt as cool because stakes
sang also after us so we didnt have much time. also they had about the same
amount of people there even though it was three stakes together. ours was the
only one. very cool!!!!

i also got two letters from shalene and from sister
Egbert. it was really nice to read their letters. very special. tell them
thanks and that i will try to write back asap. I ALSO GOT MY PACKAGES!!! it
was so cool open these packages. i waited til i got here in delicias to
open them. truely amazing. i got three amazing ties and a lot of candy and i am doing the 12 days of christmas. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!
i read the talk from grammies funeral. that was a little hard to read but very nice. i imagine that it was hardfor you and still is, but she is truely in a better place waiting for everyone and in a state of peace (alma 40:12). i hope that everyday i am making her proud by the way i am teaching people here in méxico. she is one of the best teachers. i bet she is teaching a lot up there.

i think i am starting to truly understand the true meaning of christmas.
this week was one week to remember with all of the one i have and will
have. i learned so so much this week. i have been fasting every week on
sunday and i know this has helped me a lot.

spanish is coming along. i need to work on my vocabulary y pronunciation ???
well ineed to go.
i love and miss you tons!!!!!!!! Love so so much. cant wait to hear everyone. oh i loved the tape. very funny!!!! tell jenessa hi and that i love her so so much and miss her a lot and i love hearing her voice and reading all her letters.
Love Elder Barnes

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