Friday, February 17, 2012

More Christ in our Lives

December 26, 2011
Hello Familia!
well everything went amazing yesterday. the phone call was really cool. really short too!!!!! well like i said right before you called i was with the garcia family and they were talking with their son that is in chile on skype. him and ryan talk somewhat the same to. really funny. i am really grateful for the mission president that i have and his strict standards.

christmas was really cool here. i got your packages, the garcia fam brought food, selene ramirez gave me some candy and another member also. it was really cool. also this christmas (not x-mas) i think i learned the true meaning of CHRISTmas. its all about CHRIST. another thought is christmas . . .CHRIST and MÁS. so more Christ in our lives. during church we sang the sacrament song and the spirit touched me and i really realized what the words said. ya i knew before what they said but now i know the importance of them. the song was i stand all amazed.

also i am so grateful that i went to the temple a lot before my mission. the members just got back from a trip. they went to DF to the temple. during sacrament they went up to talk about it and how beautiful it was. this is when i realized that I miss the temple so much. i havent been for so long. i miss the feeling/spirit it brings. i really want to go to temple square again during christmas time when it is all beautiful and there are so many people. i bet it was amazing when you guys went and i am sure that chase and trevor will remember that forever.
well i need to go.i love you all tons and miss ya tons!!!
Elder Barnes

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