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Pangaricutirimicuaro...What is that?

9 Jan 2011

Querida familia,
hola! how is everyone doing? oh what is going on with the whole president deal this year? will obama be president again? i dont think he will be! who will most likely be president? the president here in méxico is going to change also, but here he is pres for 6 years and he cant be pres again. interesting.

well everything here is going great. the last two weeks have been really warm. one or two days i didnt use my sweater but when the sun went down i did. but i think it is going to get cold again.

chihuahua was great. when we go there we spend the night in the offices. the office is huge. its like three buildings and really spoiled. the main house building is really warm. but we slept in a different part and it is just a big room with 20 or so bunk beds. nothing else. the president talked with us about the new era and what we need to work on. also told us to concentrate 100% in the investigadores and nothing else. he also is telling us that if we have any free time we need to read the book of mormon. i have been doing alright with the reading. I didnt finish but i will finish here soon. i hope. i am in Helaman. i have set some new goals for this year. they are to become a missionary de predicad. el presidente talks about this a lot and i think there are great missionaries but they arent 100% concentrated. elder hatton was one missionary de predicad. the president talked about him the other week. but i have a lot more goals and i hope to complete them. i hope to read the book of mormon more and have more confidence en myself. i need to learn to just talk with people. i had this problem in english also. if people werent talking about something that important or interesting, i just sat there quiet. so i am going to try to join in the conversations more and show that i am interested and want to talk with everyone.
oh the president came again yesterday here in delicias. he talked about some stuff about the book of mormon. also hermana Angulo talked a lot about how we are planning and about our key indicators (?). i think i am starting to have touble with spelling in english.
another goal that i have is to study spanish more. lately i havent studied much because we have to leave the house on time and i want something to eat. but i am going to study spanish better now and have a big improvement. i just learned a word the other day and i am stilll learning it but its pangaricutirimicuaro. it is a town here mexico. i dont know where but it is fun to say. ask jill or ryan how to say it. hopefully they can say it :) some mexicans cant say it. so i am trying to get it down. there are also a lot of tongue twisters. some are the same as english like peter picked a pickle thing. i dont know it but its in spanish.

well everything is going great here in méxico. transfers are next monday so we will see what happens. hopefully i dont get transferred. We are starting to have a lot of success. we have 9 people with a baptismal date and had 10 in church this sunday. so hopefully i stay here to see the future baptisms.
well i need to go. i love you all so much and miss ya tons.
oh i loved the captain crunch cereal. it was perfect (hint hint). oh also i think i am getting better at eating spicy food. well adios. love you all.
Elder Barnes

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