Friday, February 17, 2012

Putting your Heart into It!

5 Dic., 2011

La familia,
hey how is everything going? how is the WHOLE family doing. is it starting to look like christmas there yet? has Bogus opened? has it snowed? is there a lot of Christmas stuff on tv and the radiio? i really miss that right now! we went to a members house and listened to some christmas hymns and that made it a little hard. made me miss what chrsitmas is like at home.
well i dont think i got transferred because i can buy food this week. so i think i will be here for one more transfer. also my companion is leaving tomorrow morning and elder hatton. they are really excited but bummed. it has been weird to see all of the things that the members do for them at the end. i dont really want to see this day come for me. it was sad just to see them getting ready. i cant imagine how hard it is to leave the mission. that day wont come for awhile/forever. Que bueno!
well the president came yesterday real quick and I asked the secretary to bring my mail and he told that he will do it if he gets time and if the president asks him to do it. so i didnt get the package. i will try asking people that are coming to this area to get ALL of my stuff. i did get two letters from emma and michelle. it is nice that they wrote. so we will see if i get my christmas presents for christmas and not for april fools.
well we should be having two people baptized this saturday. i feel bad because its right after my companion leaves. i wish he could have finished with a baptism.
this sunday we had 6 investiagators in church but still a lot arent coming. they say that they will but dont. so sad because this sunday was ward conference and it was amazing. we had a seventy there and he was the counselor of my president. his name is elder vanezela. he spoke in the last hour and the stake presidency spoke. it was amazing because they talked about a lot of important stuff. especially for the members. we also had 174 people in church. that was a big improvement. a lot of inactive members went and some investigators from us and the other elders.
well this last few weeks have been awesome. the president is going crazy and telling us so much stuff about repentance and how we need to be clean and throw everything out that is bad. also we have been reading the book of mormon. i am now starting mosiah. hopefully i can finish by the time the year ends. he also told us to fast every sunday in december and a part of november. so i have been having some great experiences. i have never served the Lord with everything that i´ve got. its amazing what a missionary learns if they put their heart into the work. the president has a lot to do with this. he is just amazing and wants us to literally serve with all our heart might mind and strength.
i am grateful for everything. i will have to write a special letter because my time is up but there is so much to talk about. hope to hear more from you guys. que pasó con BSU?
well i love you tons and miss you a lot. i miss christmas too!!
Elder Barnes

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