Thursday, January 19, 2012

21 nov. 2011

Querida familia,
how is everything going? what is new with everyone? tell how thanksgiving goes? also TELL DAVE AND CINDY AND ZACH to write me!!!!! i want to know whats up with them.

well everything has been going great/interesting here. the president is cracking down. ever since i got here in the mission he has talked a lot about repentance and serving with all that we got. he also talks a lot about the process of santification. but the beginning of this week he wrote us a letter that said that four missionaries were going home because they sinned. we also had a little conference before church with him on sunday and he talked about it. he said that his missionaries are being attacked by satan like he would never believe. he also said that the missionaries were transformed into a missionary that defended the sin. he said that they just denied the sin. he also talked about how that sunday would be the first trial of their faith. to see if they go to church or not because everyone would ask why they were home. the president has had us study the talk of elder christofferson as much as we can. I have learned a lot about repentance and a lot of other things. he also had us read all of his letters over again. things are great though. i am learning alot. he also told us to write all of the things that we are doing bad in the letter to him this week. also the bad things of our companions.
things have been going great here.
we had a baptism planned this week but they didnt go to church so they will be baptized the next saturday.
right now we dont have many investigators. could always have more.

Thus far my companions have been. . .
Elder Orchard ~ mtc
Elder Roth ~ Barrio Juarez, delicias
elder Candila ~ barrio laguna casas grandes
elder carrillo ~ barrio panamericano delicias
elder hatton ~ ""
elder christenson ~ " "
this is all of them i think :)

well yesterday was the revolution of mexico so today will be really quiet.
well i better go. i hope everything is going great and i hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving.
oh weather here is really nice. still warm during the day but nice at night. its still really warm. well i love you all so much and miss ya tons.
study the conference talks!
Elder Barnes

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