Friday, January 6, 2012

October 17th, 2012

La Familia,
Hola! how is everyone doing? whats new? have you guys gone on many bike rides? well i sure i have been doing a lot of that. how is church? still ajusting to the new ward? how is jill, janae, derek, jeff, and jordan doing? anything new with them

well everything here is going great! the food is still amazing! i think i am going to get really fat before i get home. i eat a lot here. the weather is still really warm during the day but during the night is cools down a little. teaching is going great. its just hard at times to decide to keep teaching them or leave them behind because they arent progressing. we are always finding more people to teach.
ya that poem is so true with everything. nights are slow, back hurts, sweating all the time, companions, EVERYTHING! my companion and i get along great. right now we just need a little more success. we worked so hard this week but our numbers didnt really show it. they will next week though.
last night we had an activity with almost the whole stake and the president and hermana angulo came. we sang in the beginning and there was also the stake chior also. but the president talked about general conference. well i dont know if i ever said anything or much about him but he is crazy. he is so powerful and talks with authority. so it was very intense and exciting. i remember seeing the pres. in the boise mission and he was also really amazing. i think it is cool for the members to see where us missionaries come from. and he talks with us with more power and authority. it was awesome though. he showed talks from the prophet and others but broke them down by pieces. it was amazing. i know that the members and the investigators learned a lot.
ya my president is really cool and strict. right now we cant listen to any music, ONLY to the GENERAL CONFERENCE! i really think he is one of the most strict presidents ever. but that just means more blessings/learning experiences for me :)
the spanish is coming along for sure. i do wish i had a spanish companion but thats ok. i try my best to always speak in spanish.

hey thanks for all of the prayers. luckily i am not in an area that is really dangerous. there are some things that happen here but not very often. there is a city or town called meoqui just 10 minutes away and that area is really bad. but things are great here.
i am loving every minute here and i think i will try to send the package today. if not, next week for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i need to go. thanks for a good letter.
i love you all so much and miss you tons.
Elder Barnes

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