Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 Months on the Mission

7 Nov. 2011

La Familia,
hey how is everything going? it is awesome to hear that you got my package!!!! hopefully i will do that more often :)

well i have alot of stuff to write about. well the president got really mad about the numbers these last week there were a lot more transfers again. almost everyone had tranfers besides the four elders in my area. interesting. as you know we have to work at 4 on P-days now which is weird but not a bad thing. the bad thing is that this week went terrible. one of the worst weeks ever. so many things are going wrong. we had a baptism planned for this weekend but the dad said that we couldnt baptize her because she is under age, BUT we are teaching the parents so hopefully they end up praying and get their answer that the book of mormon is true. then they could all get baptized. we also dropped a few investigators because they werent progressing. we have some that are really cool though. its just so stressful because we were doing so good and then nothing this week. things are definitely going to improve.

oh dear elders/letters. i dont get them!!!! they sit in the offices forever. the only way around it is to send it to a member in the ward here. but i dont know if i am that desperate for them. i know that sounds bad but i know that i will get them someday SOON i hope.

time is really flying by here. i cant believe that i have reached 8 months in the mission. yet so many things are going on.
oh my presidente is going to come to delicias this thursday for a conference and he is going to check all of the houses to make sure they are good. he is really interesting but very cool. i bet he will be an area of the seventy or something.

i really wish i could have been at the funeral. i bet that was very hard. i sure hope that grandpa can feel happy. i really hope that i am being the missionary they would want me to be. well i better go.
well i better go. thank you so much for another awesome letter.
i love you guys so so much and miss you tons.

Elder Barnes

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