Friday, January 6, 2012

I Will be the Best Missionary that I Can Be

31 Oct, 2011

Dear mom/ everyone,

well it is really really sad to hear about grammie. very hard too! i did pray really hard for her and everyone! i hope her funeral will be great and peaceful. i sure hope grandpa can be alone for a little time and can feel her love. i just hope they both know that i am trying my best to be the best missionary that i can be and that i am trying to please them and the Lord.
everything here is going great! i am still in Barrio Panamericano. this is the last transfer for my companion and elder hatton. so they will be leaving here very soon. WEIRD!!! everything is great though. i sent a package last monday so you should be getting it here in a few days. i didnt write all the letters that i wanted but i should be sending more letters here soon.

well the weather here is cooling down now. still warm or really warm during the days though. well i am not sure that mexico celebrates halloween like the US. from what i have heard and seen it doesnt look that big.
that is so cool that there are so many missionaries in the ward.
everything here is really the same. the president doesnt seem too happy right now. he stopped writing to us for a few weeks so that he can write to some other missionaries personally. we had a lot of success in general conference but i think we have dropped and now we dont have district meetings on P days. now we have to work at 4 instead of 6. so that is different. my companion and i are starting to get in the groove. we should have another baptism on the 12 and maybe some the others. quien sabe. but its going great.
oh the other day i had scones. it was so delicious. there is a guy in our ward that is american and doesnt speak much spanish but married a spanish lady. she knows english also. but we had a party with investigators and inactive members with them and had scones. AMAZING!!!!!
yesterday in church was awesome! we had 6 investigators but it was awesome because we had some good lessons. also the investigators really liked church. they hope to go again next week.
mom, i hope everything is going great. help grandpa this week. tell him hi for me and that i love him so much and that I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR HIS HELP in missionary work.
i hope and pray everything is going great at home. i miss you guys a lot and love you tons!!!
i hope to hear from you soon!!!! oh by the way i havent gotten any dear elders. they
sit in the office for months. so normal mail or dear elders does not matter.
love you so much. take it easy!!!
Elder Barnes

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