Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delicias is "Chill"

14, nov., 2011

Querida familia,
what are you guys doing for thanksgiving?
oh one question muy importante. ARE WE GOING TO LAKE POWELL WHEN I GET BACK??? just dont go while i am on the mission (like you did to Derek) :)
well the weather has been changing here. one evening is got really cold that i had to put on my sweater put i havent really used it sense. it start getting colder though. thing that sucks here though is that we cant warm the house. the houses are cement so the house will get cold also. but as of right now it is really nicew outside. it reminds a lot like home. more like october. it also has been a little windy.

well we went to chihuahua on thursday and i got the package from janae. it was really nice of her to do that. i think that is the fastest way to get letters to me. send a little package with candy and with the letters. i love the pic of my nephews that she sent. very funny because their hair is all the same and their faces also. very funny!!!!

i didnt get any letters though. i have heard from many missionaries that i have a ton in there. I LOVE HEARING THAT! they say i have around 10 or 15 letters. i hope to get them really soon. i am going to beg the sec. to give them to me.
christmas package=candy, ties, captain crunch cereal peanut butter flavor.

I am loving teaching the people that we do have. the bad part is that we have to drop some people that arent progressing and find new ones. so it is always changing. we found a nice new couple on saturday and we introduced el libro de mormón and they went to church with us on sunday. sunday night we talked about baptism and they would love to be baptized the right way, but want to learn a little more of course. they are really cool. another investigator and his family are doing great but he has a problem with drinking. he was drunk on saturday when we passed by. really sad because he made it a whole week without drinking. now we got to keep trying and help him more. the mom is really cool and the son too.

oh this sibling writing thing is nice. you shouldnt worry about my time. i am printing out the emails. but its really cool i get a letter because this was one of the first letters from jeff. REALLY COOL!!! so i think this will help them a lot :)

well the president shows this graph of the numbers and it was like 128 investigators in church for a month at the beginning when he got here. we had 340 last month in church. but then he should the graph for bautisms. there was 104 when he got here and last month it was like 110 a month. he talked a lot about reprentance and how it brings true progress or success. in fact i challenge everyone to read the conference talks. i have listened to them a lot and they are amazing. the talk by elder christofferson was awesome. that was the one about true repentance. AMAZING!!!! also the last liahona or ensign was amazing. you should read that also.

well the safety thing. things are good here. i guess the other elders in our area said that they saw a dead person yesterday but my companion and i were in a different part of the area. funny thing though is that we are usually near that area. hahaha mom, i am safe. i never feel like i am in danger. i do pray for safety but not that much as you do. :) i am safe MOM!!!! Delicias is chill

well i better go. i love you so so much and miss ya tons! i hope all is going well. tell jeff thanks for the awesome letter. i would also like a pic of the families. well bye and i love you tons.
Elder Barnes

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