Friday, January 6, 2012

Living the "Life of a Missionary Poem"

Oct 10, 2011

Hey Everyone/MOM,
wow another week is gone. time is just flying right by. the weather is starting to get nice in the mornings and during the night. during the day it is still really warm, not so hot now.
well i dont know anything that is really new. the missionary life is the same everyday and the days are long and the nights are extremely short. in that one poem that i shared the person said "630 already, it seems like i was just able to shut my eyes " thats what it really feels like. its a miracle that i can keep working harder and harder in these long days.
we are teaching a lot of people but a lot of them need to get married. that is a big problem here. . .NO ONE GETS MARRIED!! its really sad at times too because sometimes they have a STRONG testimony but they cant be baptized because one needs a divorse and then get married to the person that they are with and they dont have any money or they need to work on the papers. its ridiculous!!!
oh i dont think i have told you about the toys here. kids play with these things called Trompos. they are so cool and cheap too. before we go to bed we eat and play with them a lot. they are like little tops things that spin on a tip. but you wind it up with a string and throw it. some people can catch it in their hand and others have battles and do tricks. its awesome!
soccer was fun last week. it was the first time we were able to play in the mission. they havent played for over a year.
OH I GOT MY PACKAGE!!! thank you so so much. i love candy! thanks for the ensign too. i saw that it was sent on aug. 25 and the mission got it on the 9th of september and just sat there for awhile. i didnt get my letters though. urg! i also got my package because i asked for the sec. to bring it!!!!
Christmas!!!time is flying by. well i would love to have CAPTIAN CRUNCH CEREAL PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOR. also more candy!!!!!! ALSO TIES!!!! cant have enough ties.
WEll i need to go! thank you for everything. hope you guys have a great week. i miss you guys a lot and love you tons!!!! TTYL
Elder Barnes

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