Friday, January 6, 2012

Learning As a Missionary

sep 26 2011

well this week was amazing! we had 4 people baptized. one convert is amazing. he is truely a convert to the gospel he has repented and received a strong answer of the book of mormon. he is a different person. he was really different at first and was agaisnt the church big time but now he is truely a different person. that is the wonderful thing about repentance and baptism, to be able to be born again. i have learned so much during this week. its amazing the things that a missionary can learn in his mission.
tell everyone i´m sorry that i havent written much to them. things are just so busy and our mission president is really really strict. he is a great guy and thats why i am learning so so much!!! elder Christenson and i are doing great together. he is a great companion and does a lot of service for me. elder Christenson and Elder Hatton have been my favorite companions so far. also Elder Roth because he had to have had a lot of patience with me :)
well i really need to go because i still need to buy food and go to chihuahua hoy.
i´m sorry this lettter is short but i will make it up.
I miss you tons and LOVE you guys so so much!
Elder Barnes

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