Monday, March 5, 2012

Every Baptism is Special

Querida familia,
hey how is everything going? anything new going on? well i got a bunch of letters today. i got one from jill and jeff and derek. thats awesome. how is everything else going. how is the weather? anything new going on?
well things are crazy here. as you know i have a new companion that doesnt have much time in the mission and it seems like i am the first companion to teach him about obedience. it is very different to be with him. i am learning a lot! our numbers dropped a little also, but we should be having another baptism this thursday.
yes baptisms happen quite often BUT they are very special. every single baptism is a spiritual experience. i wish to have baptisms for frequent but it is a lot of work.
the people that are secretaries and stuff are just called to that position and hopefully i never get those positions. i dont really want to deal with all of that kind of stress.
well i have had a great week this week. the president has been making us fast every sunday for the last three months. it has been very interesting!
oh have you read the book DAUGHTERS IN MY KINGDOM? my bishop here read the book and explained a little to me. it sounds like a great book.
i also heard of a new church movie called 17 miracles. you should watch that also because i heard that was awesome too.
oh i still havent gotten your package but hopefully i will get it soon!!!! i think we will have a conference this week. well i need to go.
sorry that this letter wasnt as good but i hope all is well.
oh tambien i was wondering that maybe you should read the talk by Elder joseph b wirthlin called sunday will come. it is a great talk. i encourage that you read it with Grandpa. i love that talk so much
well i need to go now. i love you all so much and miss you also.
Elder Barnes
oh i dont hav emuch problems with answering in english but it is hard to ask things.

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