Monday, March 5, 2012

What I Miss About Home

Querida familia.,
wow another week is gone. how is everyone doing? what is going on there in boise? how is the weather? the weather here is getting hotter. i am not excited because i am still waiting for the cold. how did this week go for you guys? so how are my siblings? i havent heard from them for awhile.

everything here is going great . . .but the other day i took another good fall on my bike hahaha. my name tag is a little scraped up. this name tag will be a legend. oh and i didnt get your email before i left but that is ok. it isnt that important. the important part is that i write to you saying that i am ok. and i am ok.
everything is going great here. we have a baptism planned this week but i think we will postpone it for next week.

this week we went to chihuahua on monday and got back on tuesday. this conference was really cool and they gave us this cool little pamphlets of some of the talks. one talk is about becoming a preach my gospel missionary. i am trying everyday to apply it to me.
for some reason the computer is not letting me send pics. i am not a fan of electronics. oh by the way, at the conference they were going to put the talk of elder bednar and some music on my ipod and they erased everything that i had on there. crazy huh. so now i dont get to hear baptism by paul cardall.

this week some people have asked what i miss about home i have realized that i really miss playing games with the family and having family home evening. i also miss the temple. i dont really miss the food. i do miss the meat there. here the meat is thin and not juicy like dad cooks it. tonight we are going to have a family home evening with the couple that just got baptized and we are going to play a game. hopefully it will be like the ones that we had in our home.

i am loving the mission more and more. it is amazing what a mission does to such young men.
well i better go now but i love you guys so so much and i love reading letters and recieving packages hahahaha. oh didnt get my package but hopefully i will get it soon.
thank you for all that you do. i love you tons and miss you a lot.
Elder Barnes

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