Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Preparing for General Conference

5 Marzo, 2012
querida Familia,
wow i am really shocked by this email. there were a lot of interesting things. it is amazing to see that chase and the rest are growing really fast. how crazy is that. everyone is so big especially chase. he is GIGANTIC!!! it is so cool to see all the fam together. i hope everything is going great.
i had a conference in the morning today and i got my second package finally. the jam somewhat survived. it spilled a little but thank you so much for putting the beautiful tie in a protective place. thank you so so much. i love you tons. it was perfect timing for my hump day.
wow one year has gone by. amazing how fast time has flown by. well right now i am really really excited for the next general conference. the third general conference in the mission and my second in this area. we have a big goal of investigators in general conferece. our mission presidente gave us the talks from the march liahona or ensign about how to prepare for the confference. the first thing it says is to be familiar and apply the teaching of the last conference. i hope all the family has read the last general conference to be prepared for this conference. this conference will be amazing. i am so excited. i am so glad that we read the ensign or talks as a family before my mission. i still hope that is something that you guys do.
i love you all and miss you tons. i hope everything goes good. you guys are in my prayers.


  1. Hi Barnes Family - My son Breton Hallsted was just assigned to be companions with your son.

    1. Wow! How did you even find this blog? Crazy! I am so behind! I would love to hear more about your son. My email is jbgang8@q.com. Are you part of the missionary mom email group?