Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Married Free on February 14th!

how is everyone doing? what´s new? Whats going on the whole president deal. who will it be? thats a bummer that the patriots lost again. i am also a patriots fan. i am not much of a nfl quy but thats my team also. its so weird because that is a big event in the u.s. and here it is somewhat big. a few people like to watch american football.
well we had a baptism this week and it was amazing. i felt the spirit so strong. it was a 17 year old girl and her mom didnt give permission for awhile but after so many missionaries we got the permission from her and she also went to the baptism. she didnt go to the confirmation but hopefully someday she will go to church.
oh something interesting, we are teaching a couple and they will be getting married here soon. here in méxico on the 14 of february that weddings are free. so we have heard that a lot of people will be getting married. crazy huh? so these investigators will be getting married. they also HAD problems with the word of wisdom. right now they are both going strong and obeying the word of wisdom. the husband smoked and she had problems with coffee but they have been going to church and have a strong testimony. also the wife never cries but this week in church i saw that she was getting teary eyed. really cool!!!! they should be getting baptized the 18 of february.
oh this week the presidente came WITHOUT my package but i got the package/letter from the ward for CHRISTMAS. a little late but i still loved it. tell everyone thanks for the cards.
oh yesterday we ate with an awesome family. . la familia Gamboa Pantoja and we ate a lot but at the end she brought out a cake for my companion and i. it was really good. oh and the birthday song in español is very long. we had to sit there for awhile just to blow out the candal.
my companion is great but just doesnt see the need to be obediente with exactness. but he is definitely a good worker and we are working together to beat satan.
i dont know if you heard of the name of elder whitaker. he is my district leader. he is from Idaho. well i should be sending a sd card soon but i only have one more. what happened with the two that i sent? well enjoy these photos.
well i got to go. i love you all and miss ya tons.
"Now that you can chose between the good and the bad, now choose between the good and the better".
"The people that dont know Jesus Christ should want to know him for meeting you"
"God can fix a broken heart, only when you give him all the pieces"
"Everything that i am,I owe to my parents"
thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Barnes

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