Monday, March 5, 2012

Loving the Mexican Food!

Querida Familia,
wow another week gone. the days are flying by. how is everyone doing? what is new? this letter wasnt very long mom! why? i love to hear about everything. oh una idea, maybe my sibling letters could be two every week because now i have to wait for almost 8 weeks to hear from them. idk just an idea.
well everything here is going great. the weather is really nice. right now i have my sleeves rolled up and it is sunny and nice. there is a little wind but not much.
oh tell jill that i am having fun with the glow sticks. my companion and i have wars right before we go to bed. we cut them open and spray each other and the whole room. so when we go to bed the whole room is glowing. pretty awesome.
yes i ate at Zandii´s house again. the food is amazing here. i love the food. it is really good. i also am starting to love to have spicy food. i got this one salsa called yucateco, it is really spicy but really good. even my companion says that it is spicy. oh also i love the hamburgers here. they are so good. also i had a hot dog the other day and it was amazing. usually i dont like hot dogs but this had beans, chile, onions, salsa, bacon, ketchup and mustard. it was amazing.
yes it has been cold some days. i bet it is freezing in juarez. crazy that this part of mexico gets cold.
well i dont have to wash by hand. this area has a washer but no dryer. none of the areas have dryers and very few have washers.
oh this sunday was really cool. we had a stake conference but it was a regional conference. so it was by tv. elder oaks spoke and elder ALONSO y ELDER rasband and hermana Cook. it was really cool. we had 11 investigators there. pretty cool. also we have 4 people that are going to be baptized. a lot of success.
oh package ideas. home maded rasberry jam with peanut butter. peanut butter is really expensive here. also captain cruch peanut butter. candy. ties, the usual.
well i need to go. i love you all so much!!! i miss you tons! tell my friends hi and that i want to hear from them
Elder Barnes

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