Monday, March 5, 2012

Mi querida Familia,
wow another went by and things are amazing here. How are things going there? what is new with the family? it is awesome to here about the business of your callings. without your callings who knows what you would be doing with all of that time. anything else new or anything else new with the ward?
well i just got back from chihuahua. we had another conference and we left yesterday after church and just back here in delicias. no transfers. this conference was very interesting but i learned so so much. right now we have a talk by Elder Bednar of how to become preach my gospel missionaries. it is amazing at what this talk says and what i need to work on. the first step is most important, it is that we must know that we represent Jesus Christ. he talks a lot about our thoughts and actioins and everything. my mission president talked about this a lot because there is a part that says that we dont represent our families or country but only Jesus Christ. so our president talked a lot about this. for example i should spend 30 minutes or more writing him. some missionaries have problems with writing to their friends and family so bad that they dont have much time to write all the things they should en the letter to the pres. we also talked about how we need to talk to our friends and family like we are representatives of Jesus Christ. so i am sorry that i havent been doing the best at that.
oh mom a thought just came to my head that might help you with YW. the president once said that we have an enemy in common. this means my companion and i have the same enemy. so we are on the same side and should work together to destroy and beat this enemy. just an interesting thought. i hope everything is going very good in your callings. i plan on writing a letter to the young men asap.

i am very excited right now to start working harder.

oh i got one package. one with the nice tie (that i am wearing right now), and some other winter clothing with candy. thank you so much. i cant wait to see the other package. i also got a letter from kaytlen. tell her thanks and that i will be writing people soon.
i need to go . i love you all so much especially you mom and dad.
Elder Barnes
ps i got the cable and it works. so here are some pics

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