Monday, March 5, 2012

February 20, 2012

mi familia,
hey how is everything going? whats new? what has been going on? how is work going for dad and jeff or color craft?
well we came to the internet place early because we are going to go to chihuahua again for another conference. so that means that i will get my other package from you quys. oh i loved the tie that you sent. i got so many compliments about that tie. thank you so much. one question. . . you said that you packed my ties up. i would check on them because i had my favortie tie packed up in my luggage and the cloth starts to form different when it is folded. so be careful!!!!!!! so how is the FAM? how are the young kids in the ward?
well everything here is going great! we just had another baptism of a nice couple. very interesting, when i was with elder christenson he and i left some pamphlets behind with one member with a store. the wife saw the pamphlet and asked for it and later we passed by and now they are members of the church. they have very strong testimonies already. they have family members that are really good people and i think it would be hard but they are really strong and hopefully they work to getting sealed in the temple in one year because that would one of my last weeks here in the mission. this baptism was really special. she has a fear of water but didnt tell us until the baptism. i was the one to baptize her and everything went great. i only had to do it once and she was very calm. the husband was in the military and has made a big change in his life. he used to have problems with smoking and before that with drugs. now he hasnt smoked or done anything agaisnt the word of wisdom. they are both really strong converts and i hope everything goes perfect so that they can get sealed as a family. they have a little boy named Angel.i recently read a talk by Elder Richard G. Scott and he always speaks good of his wife. his wife has passed on but in this talk he talks about being sealed. one part in the talk he starts talking about his son and how he had a heart problem and sometimes would cry at night and his wife normally took care of it but one time he got up and cared the baby until his heart slowed down and went to sleep. a few months later the baby boy died. (i was very confused at why he was talking about his boy when he should be talking about being married.) after they left the hospital they stopped the car on the side of the road and cried together. he then said that it is easier to lose a son when he realized that they have been sealed in the temple.
i am so grateful that you, mom and dad, did everything that was possible to get sealed in the temple. i know i would not be able to live without my family in the life to come. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
I learned to make tortillas. it is one thing that is pretty important to know here in méxico.
well i hope everything is going great.
i need to go but i love you all so much and miss ya tons.
Elder Barnes

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